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Widow Pension Scheme

Under the Scheme of 1964, Family Pension is granted to the family (defined in Rule 143 (i) (ii) of AS (P) Rules 1969) of the Govt. Servant who dies while in service or after retirement. In case of in service death, one year continuous service of the deceased Govt. servant is required for granting Family Pension.

Family Pension includes:

a) Husband/widow as the case may be

b) Minor Son until he attains age of 18 years

c) Unmarried daughters until she attains age of 21 years or marriage whichever is earlier.

d) Children include those children who are adopted legally before retirement.

e) Father

f) Mother

g) Eldest surviving brother upto the age of 18 years

h) Eldest surviving sister upto the age 21 or marriage whichever is earlier

As per Sub Rule 143(ii)-A

No family pension shall be payable under this Rule:

To a person mentioned in Rule 143(i) (e) to (h) above without the production of reasonable proof that the person was dependent on the member of the service for support. To a brother of a member of the service, on the former, attaining the age of 18 years.To a person who is not a member of the family of the member of the service.
Rate of Family Pension

Enhance Rate: – 50% of last basic pay drawn on the day of death or twice the normal rate.

Normal Rate:-30% of last basic pay.

Admissibility of Enhance Rate: – One must rendered at least 7years continuous service on the date of death. Enhance Rate is admissible for 7 years or till attaining the age of 65 years had the deceased Govt. servant remained alive, whichever period is shorter.(This was in force prior to ROP 2017)

Admissibility of Normal Rate:- The rate is admissible to the deceased Govt. servant rendering less than 7 years of service after completion of one year continuous service and after expiry of the period enhance rate.

Special Family Pension:

Special Family Pension is admissible to the relatives of the Govt. servant who is killed in discharge or in connection with the discharge of duties as a result of attack by extremists, anti-social elements or during action against dacoits.

Amount of pension shall be equal to monthly salary including DA other allowances admissible to the deceased employee on the date of death.

It comes into effect from the date following the date of death and continues till the normal date of superannuation of the deceased had he remained alive.
Thereafter Family will get family pension as per existing provisions of rules.
Enhance rate of DR granted after the date of death is admissible.

Family for this purpose means:-


2) Minor sons(below 18 years),unmarried daughter(below 21 years)

3) In absence of anyone under 2 above dependent parents

4) In absence of anyone under 3 above dependent brother below 18years and unmarried sister below 21 years.

Authority to sanction Special Family Pension:

1. For granting Special family Pension, Sanction is must.

2. Administrative Department is the competent authority to accord sanction, but prior approval of the Finance (APF) Department shall be taken.

Fixation of Special Family Pension

Rate of Special Family Pension:–Monthly salary plus all other allowances as were admissible to the deceased Govt. Servant at the time of death. This shall be allowed to be drawn till the date on which the deceased Govt. servant would have superannuated had he been alive. From the date of superannuation, the family pension will be admissible at the rate which it would have been normally admissible under rules. For granting Special Family Pension order of the concerned department made after consultation of the Finance department shall be required.